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World Desing Capital - Cape Town 2014 Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 forms part of a broader vision to transform Cape Town, through design, into a sustainable, productive African city, bridging historic divides and building social and economic inclusion.

Daya Heller‘s project ‘daya public’ WDC539# has been selected as one of the officially registered projects in the WDC programme. The first episode of this project – spanning the first half of next year, involves skills-development in the construction of her new, exciting, sculptural installation: ‘Lilith and The Garden of Eden’ , collaborating with New Moon Performance Collective, to feature at Afrikaburn in May 2014.

The second episode, from June 2014,  involves workshopping – conceptualising and producing – a public art installation with the successful applicants in the core crew, specifically for Cape Town CBD… Daya is currently searching for local talent from Cape Town’s townships to develop skills in workshops, and create public art for the mother city in this global initiative.

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